Financial Management

EMIB / Executive Master in International Business


Javier Sánchez Verdasco


Doctor in Corporate Finance - UCM
Certificate in International Economics – London School Economics
Associate Professor
Madrid Campus

Course Objectives

Financial Management

  • Master the main techniques for forecasting the most relevant financial figures
  • Understand that Free Cash Flow, rather than Net Earnings, is the key variable in company performance
  • Obtain the minimum rate requested by investors (WACC)
  • Calculate the value of a company using the Discount Cash Flow and Multiple Valuation methods
  • Apply hedging strategies to mitigate financial risks using future and options

Course Contents

Financial Management

  • Income Statement Budgeting
  • Working Capital management
  • The free cash flow
  • Introduction to Project and Company Valuation
  • Banking products for companies. Financial Markets
  • Hedging Financial Risks

Course Credits

Financial Management

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