Digital Marketing and Community Management

EMIB / Executive Master in International Business


Francesca Pucciarelli


Ph.D. in Entrepreneurial Culture
Associate Professor
Turin Campus

Course Objectives

Digital Marketing and Community Management

  • Understand how and why digital marketing can be used towards multiple goals within a larger marketing strategy
  • Understand the major digital marketing techniques, media and channels
  • Learn to develop, execute and assess a comprehensive digital marketing strategy

Course Contents

Digital Marketing and Community Management

  • Digital Marketing: What is What?
  • Online monitoring
  • Marketing & Search Engines (1/2): Optimization
  • Marketing & Search Engines (2/2): Advertising
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Community Management

Course Credits

Digital Marketing and Community Management


Video Presentation of the Course

Digital Marketing and Community Management

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