AI & Robots
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EMIB / Executive Master in International Business


Héctor Gonzalez Jimenez


Professor in Marketing
Madrid Campus

Course Objectives

AI & Robots
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  • to strengthen the students’ understanding of human-robot/AI interactions in the global marketplace across several sectors (e.g. healthcare, education, companionship, retail)
  • to structure the students’ understanding of different robot/AI types, applications and design features that enhance human-robo/AI interactions and the acceptance of these technologies in the marketplace,
  • to make students aware of how and where to potentially integrate social robots and AI to improve the customer experience, and
  • to provide students with skills to creatively plan and integrate social robots and AI into various marketplace scenarios,
  • to understand the ethics and societal challenges of the integration of social robots and AI

Course Contents

AI & Robots
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  • In the first unit, we will offer an overview on how robots and AI are currently impacting the marketplace. In particular, we will outline a few key sectors such as healthcare, education, companionship, retail and hospitality
  • Similarly, in the second unit, we will explore the role of robot and AI design, discussing issues such as physical vs virtual embodiment and anthropomorphism
  • The third unit will discuss how global factors may influence the adoption and acceptance of robots and AI in the marketplace
  • In the fourth unit, we will highlight the role of cognition and emotions in robotics and AI applications
  • In the fifth unit, we will evaluate when and how robots and AI can work independently or rather as collaborators of humans. Here we will also discuss the role of the Singularity
  • Finally, in the sixth unit, we will focus on the ethical implications of robots and AI integration

Course Credits

AI & Robots
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